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River Development excels in attracting vibrant new businesses to once blighted downtown areas. River Development’s re-development and re-use projects can reap tremendous benefits for mature communities seeking to maximize the potential of existing land within their borders. Building homes and commercial centers creates new jobs in the local economy.

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The New Main Street: Valley National Bank Building and Shop Rite Center

Location: Main Street, Lodi, New Jersey (Bergen County)

Year Redeveloped: 2000-2007




Project Description:

The Lodi project is at the site of the famed Knapp Chemical Company explosion circa 1995 which brought both loss of life and massive environmental fallout all directly on the Saddle River.  We signed a developer’s agreement and immediately purchased from the municipality a portion of the redevelopment site which we developed into a Valley National Bank center including a Subway Restaurant, an H&R Block Financial Services office and law offices on the second floor.  In addition to cleaning up the site, negotiating with the DEP and purchasing other properties, there now stands a Shop-Rite Supermarket ready to service the needs of families in this once forgotten community.