River Development's History

River Development, LLC is the evolution of a business model, the elements of which its founders created in 1980’s. For close to 30 years of cyclical financial markets, stiffer regulatory environments, and the inherent challenges of re-development in the North East, the River Development model has never wavered.   

We continue to expand our partnerships with municipalities, development and management companies, design professionals, financial institutions, and corporate tenants.  Our vision for a particular redevelopment, which others have failed to capitalize on, continues to intrigue our partners at all levels.

The redevelopment business philosophy of River Development embodies the “smart growth” principles, which focus on the use of existing transportation and utilities, whether creating a new city center or an airport distribution facility.

River’s expertise and success in land redevelopment is of special interest and benefit to all the municipalities, in which it operates. River Development partners with these municipalities to identify parcels of land with special re-development potential. River then evaluates each parcel to determine the best use to reposition and create an asset.

The retail and commercial component of the redevelopment equation is not lost here at the company. We recognize the benefit to a municipality and its’ residents of placing retail and commercial properties in the heart of the project so to support the mixed-use paradigm.

River is solution-oriented. By bringing together a team of individuals with extensive experience in property identification, negotiation strategy, purchase management, government affairs, legal, development and asset management. River Development is expertly positioned to help municipalities meet their immediate and future growth needs.